Sneaky Ninjas, Lap Monsters, and The You Scream/I Scream Gang

Often in education we struggle. Did I say often? I mean always. There is struggle in education. It isn’t the kind of job that you go to daily, do the same thing, get into a routine geared toward efficiency, and put yourself on autopilot. We can get very good at what we do, but there are oh so many times that we just utterly crash and burn.  Teaching is hard.

Yzma & Kronk: How to Lease an Apartment Like A Pirate

So, I took my daughter to her college town today. She had an apartment reserved with a security deposit, and today, August 1st, was the first day she could move in, so she did. This is her third year in college, but it will be her very first year in this town, at this particular university, and her first experience at living on her very own in an apartment with a roommate.

Looking Ahead means of keeping track, if you will, of the most incredible moments that span a lifetime.The wisest of teachers and the most patient of companions, it allows the means to…


Guest Blogger-Written by Mike StantonAs a kid and into my teenage years I always wanted a 1965 Mustang. I would playwith Hotwheels and Mattel cars speeding them across the carpet in my bedroom. During the summer my Dad and I would sip milkshakes from a…