#saskedchat Special Edition

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Tonight was a great night! We had a special edition of #saskedchat with the U of R students from #ecmp455, #ecs300, Dr. Couros and Dr. Hildebrandt for joining us as we focused this chat on supporting new teachers. It was the most intense session we have ever had, so much so that even the moderators were commenting on the speed of the chat and the way it was flowing by tonight. We were so busy that we even trended in Regina! I’d also like to thank all the great educators from around the world who joined us tonight – it truly was a global chat tonight!

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There is so much information and so many great ideas in this archive. I’d like to thank Amy, Dave, Kyle and Ferrah for assisting with moderation tonight! I hope that people found this worthwhile enough to join us during our regular chats and contribute to the learning and sharing that takes place. Again, thanks to everyone for taking part, sharing and making this a great chat!

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  1. That was a wild chat but a fantastic experience. Chatting with new and pre-service teachers is very energizing! I hope many of them come back for the regularly scheduled #saskedchat soon.

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