#saskedchat March 19, 2015


Our Chat Rocks!

We had another great chat this evening. Our topic was Equity/Equality. The archive has all kinds of great resources and links but the actual chat is where the real story takes place with our participants having all sorts of incredible conversations and some of them were even related to the questions! But isn’t that what it is all about? It really is about sharing and growing as a person and connecting with others to build relationships which deepen our own understandings but also challenge us to consider new and different alternatives and points of view. For moderators of the chat, it can sometimes be a bit of a roller coaster as the chat progresses but if anyone ever wants to get in touch any of the moderators are more than happy to help others with getting the feel for how a chat works and provide some ideas about how to make the chat a little less overwhelming.

The archive of the chat is below. If at any time you have a question or are curious to how things work during a chat, just leave a comment or tweet @saskedchat with your question. If you have ideas for the chat, be sure to check out the weekly poll that we have to decide the weekly topic. It can be found at our Google+ page or leave a comment here. Thanks to the co-moderators for the chat: @fngraham, @lawsonames  @bircherd and @webbkyle. These people make this chat run smoothly and are there as support for anyone who needs it – don’t hesitate to give them a tweet!

What’s Next You Ask?

Our next two weeks are a new adventure for us at #saskedchat as we look at our first book chat with the focus being Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. @MrALongstaff  will be helping to moderate the chat. Be sure to check out the Google+ page for updates and questions next week. I’m sure this will be an awesome chat.

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