Prison Break: The Game

I am excited about a little game I thought up today while planning for a guided reading lesson tomorrow. It’s called Prison Break. It’s nothing special, but it is a way the kids can practice their sight words/”jail” words. I made a simple little game board that had little obstacles that our prisoner had to accomplish […]

Genius Year

When I tried Genius Hour late last year, it literally changed my teaching life. Read about that story here. I was so amazed at the engagement, in depth learning, expertise and presentations from the 6 and 7 year olds in my classroom. I knew that I had to re-think how I was teaching so that I […]

Teacher Collaboration; fruitless mirage or effective oasis?

Collaboration has got to be more than just sharing a Google doc or a common prep. What is collaboration? What does it look like? For students? For me? For students: Real collaboration sounds loud. Kids are talking, working, laughing, and COMMUNICATING. It looks chaotic. There are most likely children strewn around the room, and they […]

Ed Camp: A Teacher Pawn Shop

Looking at my teaching repertoire, I realize that all my best teaching ideas are stolen. I don’t really think there is 1 great thing I do that I didn’t get from someone else.  If this is so, then today’s Edcamp was a complete teacher pawn shop; a space where stolen ideas were being exchanged between […]

The Hunger Games: A Christian Perspective Part 2

If you have stumbled across this post, and you haven’t read Part 1, you can read that here. It might give you some context as to what I am talking about! In this post I am going to elaborate on what ideas and themes in the Hunger Games I “reject” from a Christian perspective. The first theme I […]

The Hunger Games: A Christian Perspective Part 1

I had already seen the movie… and HATED it. I remember leaving the movie theatre disappointed in the lack of character depth and over cheesiness of the film. That said, I still went to the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, and came out not hating it, but not loving it either. I am a […]