How to subtitle? Well I just don’t know!

I had quite the experience trying to learn how to subtitle a video I had made with Tellagami. By watching YouTube music videos, you would think it should be no problem at all! Well, I was humbled to say the least! I tried two different software platforms, and couldn’t figure out either! After at least 3 […]

How Indigenous Learning Stories Can Combat Colonialism

Mary Caroline Rowan discusses Indigenous learning stories in her article, “Resituating Practice through Teacher’s Storying of Children’s Interests.” Rowan believes that learning stories can be a device to impart Indigenous knowledge and practices. The “learning story” derives from Aotearoa/New Zealand and is a structured, narrative style observation story that documents children’s actions and incorporates them into […]

Bound by the Clock

This week’s reading talks about how since the clock has been invented, people, families, institutions- including schools, have been bound by time. I have felt this in my own life, and in my own classroom, and I know others feel this tension as well. In their chapter, Valuing Subjective Complexities: Disrupting the Tyranny of Time, Sherry […]

De-pathologizing refugee children’s ECE experience

This week’s chapters struck a chord with me as I was reminiscing on the types of play/activities I encouraged when I was teaching Kindergarten, and even grade one. I am embarrassed to say that it definitely did not reflect the culturally sensitive practices I read about this week. In his book, Early Childhood Curricula and […]

The Media Medium

“Different epistemological positions and theories of learning affect the design of teaching, and these influences will also determine a teacher’s or an instructor’s choice of appropriate media” (Bates, Teaching in a Digital Age) Quick rabbit trail: Canadian communication theorist, Marshall McLuhan, (1911-1980) proposes an interesting idea that the medium is the message. Read more about that […]

Children Who are Selectively Silenced (Muted)

After this week’s readings about selective mutism, I was moved to write a song. This was a song that was trying to describe the pain and tension in a child’s life when they are labelled a ‘selective mute’ even though they are just an English as an additional language learner. Here is a breakdown of […]

My failure with Garageband

This week I chose to dive a little deeper into Garageband, and I’m a little disappointed I did, as I did not end up with the amazing project that I was hoping. I started with writing a song on the piano. I originally wanted this as the background music for a podcast type recording. I […]