Favourite PLN tools/stratagies

Twitter, of course, and things like this MOOC. It’s hard, though, with people around like @courosa @mmesanders and @shareski to feel like you have anything to contribute. (Not that they’ve ever been anything but generous, of course!) Networks need to be multi-directional, and we all need to realize that we do have things to contribute. We (I) need to put … Continue reading →

My Brain Hurts or, Why Exposure to Too Many Ideas Causes Disjointed Writing about Digital Citizenship, with an Extra Long Title.

If you want the better stuff, skip past the paragraph that is just “-Ummmm?” Several ideas collided after the last 10 days, and the first weekish of the Digital Citizenship MOOC. Our Fearless Leader posted several questions, and they, along with some thoughts of others (and a few of my own) generated this: Week 2, Question 1: How do we … Continue reading →