i am getting paid to do this?!

I think I can say that school is now in full swing – although due to Labor Day holiday and PD days, I have yet to spend five full days in a row with students! I am happy to announce that I now know all of my 90 students’ names! I teach half of the […]

pre-k FINALLY started!!!

Well, my friends, after the first two days of Pre-K, I can finally say that I feel the school year (and my career) has begun! Was it messy? Yes. Was it completely chaotic at times? YES. Did I almost lose my voice after the first morning? Yes. Did we have a few tears? Yes (but […]

classroom tour + first days of school

School (and my career) has officially begun! I can hardly believe it; I think it is still sinking in. Quick recap of my life as of late: -the last couple days of August were spent in PD (2 days for new teachers, 2 days in the school as a staff, and 1 day of teacher […]

new beginnings

Hello, blogging world! In the past 8 months, I have been grossly absent from this little slice of the internet, but I am happy to announce that, with the new school year (my FIRST as a teacher!) approaching, I am setting a goal to get back into it with gusto! Ideally, I would like to post […]