The Tiny Educator Syndrome

I know what you’re thinking. Okay, no I don’t, really, and after reading the title, you may be wondering what I could possibly be thinking. Tiny Teacher Syndrome? Is that a thing? Well, maybe not officially, but hear me out and then decide.


So, my entrance into social media as an educator in 2016 has sucked me into the whirlwind of letting go of those pesky New Year’s resolutions in favor of that one adoring word that can guide us through the upcoming year. That word can be a light that shines down on all that we do, illuminating areas in our lives and the day to day grind that are applicable. My first tentative #OneWord was born that January, 2016.

4 Ways to Sneak in SEL at Every Grade Level: Part 4

Sure. I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would Laura waste an entire blog post to talk about water. Drinking water is good for us. Everybody knows that. I know, but bear with me. I have included this in my SEL series because despite how easy and simple it is, drinking water might be the most important.


We weren’t born to follow Deep Breaths: It’s no secret that deep breathing is nature’s best anti-stress medicine. It has stood the test of time as an old wives tale, primarily because there is some very powerful science behind why it is effective. One analogy used by Matthew MacKinnon MD in Psychology Today, describes it … Continue reading 4 WAYS TO SNEAK IN SEL AT EVERY GRADE LEVEL: PART 3 DEEP BREATHS

Deviled Eggs: A Holiday Saga

We celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s family on Thanksgiving Eve. It is a fabulous time with his mom, sister and family, and friends. We are not a family only kind of crew, and often we collect very interesting attendees, but this year it was a small intimate gathering of family and friends, food, traditions, and connections. We loaded up the counter to serve dinner buffet style. Everyone prepped the food they brought, nibbled as we set up the appetizers, carved the turkey, visited, laughed, and enjoyed the pandemonium as Grandma’s beautiful pair of half grown Great Danes rushed into the house every time a child inadvertently let them.

4 Ways to Sneak In SEL at Every Grade Level: Part 1

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), or teaching the whole child is beginning to gain a more prominent foothold in education. Starting it in your classroom may seem daunting, even though you understand the value and research behind it. It was for me, but as I begin to see benefits, sometimes immediately, then as I do with anything, I dive right in with both feet. What does SEL look like in the kindergarten classroom? In 8th grade? What about at the high school level?