Excellence is Sweet!

In classrooms everywhere, many have reached the middle of their school year for 2014/15.  That is the case for us in @RSSGrade6 but we are also looking at a milestone in our school career lives. This is the halfway point between the first day students entered Kindergarten and until they will earn a diploma by […]

AMLE – Achieving My Learners Expectations

I would like to start by acknowledging the wonderful city that AMLE chose as its host for this years AMLE conference, Nashville, TN. As a first time visitor and having little knowledge of the region and history, it certainly took my breath away! As an avid music lover and guitar player, I know that I’ll […]

Let’s Get Started!

Welcome grade 6′s to my blog ‘Middle Years Minds’. This is a place where I come to reflect on what I’m doing as a professional and will be an important location for you to find building materials for your learning this year. My goal is to share with others, using this platform, challenges that we […]

Only Weeks Away

With only weeks to go before starting another school year, I can’t help but wonder how the students will return after each of their summer breaks. When I look back at my own summer, I know that I won’t say that I did nothing. I didn’t just sit around and be bored (it’s hard to […]

Going Digital

Hello and Welcome! I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this… (if there is more than one person who reads this, I’ll assume you got lost). I’m starting this new journey to help express myself in a different digital format, other than my @MrALongstaff twitter. Other forms of digital media […]

Hello eduverse!

Welcome to my brand new ‘Middle Years Minds’ blog at Edublogs! I am a grade 6 teacher in Saskatchewan who is looking to do my best for my student colleagues.  I like tackling new challenges, pushing student’s limits, and making time enjoyable! I am a big fan of constructive criticism and live by the ‘TEAM’ […]