Summer Blogging Expose – week 3

So this week our topic is classroom/school design. It’s also a first for me as I write this post on my phone while lying on the beach watching my kids play in the water. (I will join them shortly. Short post this time!).

Why Classroom Design?

I’m on a beach but it  is really sand and rock. It’s not comfortable to sit or lay on.  The location, proximity to a large population and the fact it’s 28C would make me think it would be packed. Yet as yet u can see, it’s not.

It’s like our schools and classrooms. Are they designed to be places where students want to learn and explore? Are they designed for the people using them or, like the beach, so they are low maintenance and low cost? The mixture of rocks and sand will last longer  against the effects of wind and rain but it isn’t user friendly or fun to walk across.

I Wonder ….

How do we design classrooms for student use?

Do we consider comfort as well as purpose?

What role does cost/economics play in design?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this.