Like Hope Shining Through

Used with permission from artist © Nicki Ault, 2017

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~Desmond Tutu

There is beauty in this world that we almost can’t comprehend. Without a break from the monotony of the day to day, it would be easy to have it pass us by. It lives and breathes a life that can be compared to no other. It is, in its simplicity, found in the everyday, just waiting to be savoured & enjoyed.

As the sand of time continue to count down, I find myself thinking less about the here and now, and more about where I need to be … in the coming days, weeks, months. It can be overwhelming at times, thinking about the future rather than allowing myself to fully commit to present moment. Truth be told, it is actually a mind shift that many of us educators make as the summer sunshine begins to move just a little farther off on the horizon. The multitude of moments to recharge and reconnect with ourselves begin to slowly fade in anticipation of another school year.

It is the promise of this hope that plays a significant, make that, a critical role in our view and vantage point as teachers.  I know so many of us are excitedly planning and envisioning for the new school year. How else could any other profession begin to celebrate milestones that have yet to happen? As teachers we want not only the beginning, but also the middle, and end to seamlessly come together to create the just right conditions for our student’s success. 

My beautiful, inspiring friend Nicki Ault is the acclaimed artist who created the beautiful painting I have showcased in my post. I have been following her journey, almost since its inception, and I am happy to report our friendship spans almost 2 decades, as neighbours, new moms, and most of all, friends. She continues to inspire me with her passion, her drive, and also her gifts as well as talents as an artist. I follow her blog with zest & zeal as she showcases her newest works and upcoming exhibits.

This particular piece of artwork (which I am happily gazing upon right now from across the table) is, in its essence, a most incredible sense of JOY to be captured with paint and brush. From the majestic trees that allow the glorious sunset to filter through, their beautiful shadows mirror the beauty of the earth at their feet. The sunshine, as it begins to set, provides a canvas that bursts with colours and hues that captivate the sky. Texture and depth allow for glorious movement and the blue of the skyline is the promise of another day. 

And so I will allow my own hopefulness to shine through, as I reflect and plan for the coming year ahead.

For those as inspired as I am by Nicki’s works, please check out her Facebook page as well as take a peek at what is currently being displayed at the Darrell Bell Gallery here in Saskatoon.