Make Something Happen – SBÉ Week 8

Last week I was away with my family on vacation. We did something new as a family – we did Backcountry camping which meant we had to trek all our camping gear and provisions 2 kms up the side of a mountain. We have done a great deal of camping as a family but not like this. With 10 of us, it isn’t always easy to figure out what to take or what we’ll need so we have to do a lot of improvising. It’s isn’t easy when we’re setting up in a regular campsite but trekking 2Kms into bear country added a new twist.

One thing we didn’t take into consideration was how to ensure we could get our food up to the site AND store it in the bear-secure lockers. Who knew that breakfast for 10 weighed so much! What to do?

What to do?

We decided that it wasn’t going to work trekking things up and down.

Instead, we decided that breakfast, lunch, and supper were going to be “take out”

– where we took ourselves out

– down to the vehicles each morning for breakfast.









then lunch and supper at a park. With a portable BBQ & Coleman stove, lunch and supper were great experiences we spent as a family.






We’ve learned that you have to learn to adapt to work within the environment you have, looking to make the best of what you have. You look to find ways to make things happening, to adapt to what is happening and do what is best for the group.

Be Ready to Meet the Challenges

This week, the topic for the #saskedchat Blogging Éxpose is Make Something Happen. How will you meet the challenges of the upcoming school year?

What will you do when you try something new and things don’t see to be going the way you expected?

How will you adapt to meet the needs of the students and build relationships, like a family at a meal?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas this week. Each week we have more people joining us and sharing their ideas and thoughts. I encourage each of you to visit the blogs each week to leave a comment and support their work.