https://www.flickr.com/photos/darrentunnicliff/4232232092/sizes/lWhat is hope?It is my beacon in the storm.A comfort when I walk a path of uncertainty.Keeps that nagging self-doubt at bay.The roots that keep me grounded to the core.I can’t live my best…

Rockin’ PD: EdCamp With A Twist:

The constant struggle faced by many school districts regarding professional development generally leads to a discussion of how to bring teachers the professional development they need, tailored specifically for each of them. It’s quite the tug-o-war. All District PD days generally lead to frustration by staff because their individual needs are not met, they are not given time for processing and reflecting on what was presented, and there’s certainly no time for applying what was learned if by the smallest chance it did actually fill a need for some teachers.