PLP – journey of becoming great photographer #2

After reading the cheat-sheets and watching the YouTube video , I just took some photo of my daughter to see what kind of photo I can take with each mode. I still had to keep the auto focus on, because I just couldn’t focus well without it. I started from A-DEP and went down. It […]

Positive Digital Citizenship – after thought

After my last post, I began to think of how can we help students learn and understand about positive digital citizenship. As I wrote there, I think it is easy to fake and appear good online but I don’t want students learning to do that. I want them (and us, as well) to be: honest […]

Positive Digital Citizenship

The other day, one simple act of taking a defect item back for exchange to store made me think of what a privilege to have good citizenship where you live. Perhaps because it is a small town and they know where I live and who I married to…etc. the store clerks never questioned whether I […]

Productivity with Wear Pomodoro

I think it’s safe to say that staying organized and using my time productively is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I am excited to read other #saskedchat blog posts about this topic, since I have a lot to learn in this department! One of the best tools I have tried out lately has been a Pomodoro timer app, called Wear Pomodoro, that I use on my smart watch.  Once I hit go, it starts a timer for […]

YOLO! AKA: Balancing the Scales

Like many educators, I have spent the majority of my professional life feeling like I am stuck in a perpetual state of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Early in my career, I often thought “Next year will be different. I will know more and be more prepared. It will be easy.” In 15 years, I have […]

Looking for Connections

Look for Connections. When students use technology, it should be within the context of larger learning goals rather than in isolation. “Technology used in isolation is less effective than when it’s integrated into a curricular set of activities,” says Pasnik. Quoted from Education.Com (