Digital Citizenship and Sexuality/Health

As I continue to learn about digital citizenship, I am reflecting upon the relationship between Digital citizenship and sexuality/health. Because I have watched Sext-up Kids in the other class already, I decided to watch the Sextortion of Amanda Todd. I remember the news about Amanda Todd’s death and her YouTube video, it was reported as […]

Burning Out

“Introducing merit-based pay for extra hours and exceptional work, as well as allowing teachers more flexibility and creativity within the curriculum, and cutting back on work that is not teaching-related would do much to reduce teacher burnout, says Bradley.” Overwhelmed … Continue reading

PLP – journey of becoming great photographer #2

After reading the cheat-sheets and watching the YouTube video , I just took some photo of my daughter to see what kind of photo I can take with each mode. I still had to keep the auto focus on, because I just couldn’t focus well without it. I started from A-DEP and went down. It […]

Positive Digital Citizenship – after thought

After my last post, I began to think of how can we help students learn and understand about positive digital citizenship. As I wrote there, I think it is easy to fake and appear good online but I don’t want students learning to do that. I want them (and us, as well) to be: honest […]