Re: Parental Concern: Facebook for Grade Two Students

As a parent myself, I understand many concern associated with the use of Facebook in second grade. Megan Johnson argued it well in her post : such as addictive behaviour associated with use of technology and social media, safety concern and child not being ready for the proper use of technology or not developed enough […]

#saskedchat – Feb26th, 2015

Screenshot 2014-09-13 22.04.52

Another great chat tonight. We were discussing creating a positive classroom environment and the ideas and sharing was awesome. We had a number of new chatters tonight which was awesome. I have to say that having more people join has really added a new dynamic to the chat. At one point I could follow most of the conversations taking place. Now, even with two columns for #saskedchat in my tweetdeck, it’s still hard to follow along and keep up.
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.27.59
For anyone new to the chat, there have been a number of suggestions for following along. I use tweetdeck to organize for the chat. If you are looking for some ideas for following along with the chat you might try tweet chat. It has some neat features that make following a bit easier.
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.33.53  You’ll log in using the #saskedchat hashtag
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.34.54 you will authorize the app with your twitter account
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.42.48 Here is the page where you will follow the chat.
Twubs is another online tool that you can use.
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.44.26
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.46.09 You can either enter the hashtag OR
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.47.20 create an account and sign in.
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.48.20 The #saskedchat hashtag is registered with twubs.
Once you log in or enter the hashtag, you will be directed to the #saskedchat page
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.51.12
Like other twitter clients, the stream will flow on the page. A nice thing about twubs is that you don’t have to enter the #saskedchat hashtag, it’s already there so you just need to add what you want to say. Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.53.46
If you click the Enable Chat Mode, you get more space for just the chat – all the other distractions are gone!
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.53.19Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.53.34
Both of these work really well on a laptop or desktop. For iPad, I have used Hootesuite and the twitter client and prefer Hootesuite. For a laptop or desktop I would recommend tweet deck.
If you use tweetdeck, you can login on a browser and it will show you a duplicate of what you have on your desktop version – so if you are away from your computer you can still use tweetdeck just like on  your desktop!
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.57.20 Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.58.48
If you have any questions, please let me know by contacting me @kwhobbes on twitter or go to my website and leaving an email. Thanks again for all the great sharing and the time each of you take to make your classrooms better learning environments for your students.

Hello world!

I am thinking of trying the blog challenge from #saskedchat so I decided I better set up a blog at least.  I’m Jacqueline Bruce and I teach Adult Upgrading at Onion Lake Cree Nation.  This year I’ve been focusing on professional development through an online personal learning network (PLN). I tried a MOOC (massive open […]