YOLO! AKA: Balancing the Scales

Like many educators, I have spent the majority of my professional life feeling like I am stuck in a perpetual state of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Early in my career, I often thought “Next year will be different. I will know more and be more prepared. It will be easy.” In 15 years, I have […]

Looking for Connections

Look for Connections. When students use technology, it should be within the context of larger learning goals rather than in isolation. “Technology used in isolation is less effective than when it’s integrated into a curricular set of activities,” says Pasnik. Quoted from Education.Com (http://www.education.com/magazine/article/effective-technology-teaching-child/?page=2)

Excellence is Sweet!

In classrooms everywhere, many have reached the middle of their school year for 2014/15.  That is the case for us in @RSSGrade6 but we are also looking at a milestone in our school career lives. This is the halfway point between the first day students entered Kindergarten and until they will earn a diploma by […]

Organizing/Productivity Tools

The topic of #saskedchat blogging challenge has come: Share how you stay organized and the tools you use to manage your time and focus on being productive. When it comes to organizing my schedule, actual calendar that I can write on and schedule/planner book work the best for me. I tried using iPad’s calendar to […]

#saskedchat Jan. 29

I was late to join that night’s chat (#saskedchat – Jan 29, 2015) and missed out how it happened, but I scored new website that might be interesting to use in future. Scramblr – you can post notes on this virtual whiteboard.

History of Edtech

As I reflect on the lecture on Jan. 27, I thought about technology we had as a student in 1980s – 1990s. As well, how much technology used in school has changed in past decade, what I have seen since 2000. We did not have computer in school, I used Word-processor to type and print […]