Let’s Get Started!

Welcome grade 6′s to my blog ‘Middle Years Minds’. This is a place where I come to reflect on what I’m doing as a professional and will be an important location for you to find building materials for your learning this year. My goal is to share with others, using this platform, challenges that we […]

Week 1 Adventures

          We have had a busy, but great first week of school in grade 3! We spent the first couple of days getting to know each other by playing games like “question ball” and “get to know you bingo” where we answered questions about ourselves.  We also learned everyone’s birthdays by making a “birthday graph”. We wrote our birthdays on Post It notes, and then organized the dates with a graph on the board.

Our theme right now in grade 3 is “Adventure”. To kick things off, everyone wrote about what adventures they are most excited about this year. We brainstormed ideas as a class, wrote our ideas on a treasure map, and displayed them on our bulletin board. If you stop by the school, please come take a look!

            Another thing we started in grade 3 is using our classroom Twitter account. We have really enjoyed creating our tweets as a class, and even sending tweets to Mrs. Lawson and Mrs. Smith’s classroom, as well as Mrs. Sakatch’s class. We have made a class “Twitter Wall” to practice making tweets. This week, each of us wrote what we like about grade 3 so far. Please check out our classroom Twitter account and “follow” us. We would love for you to reply to our tweets and interact with the class! There is a link to our Twitter page on the side, as well as right here. 

                This week we also made our classroom rules and acted out scenarios on how to be a positive team player. We also started our Daily 5 reading program and talked about what “Read to Self” looks like!

          Thanks for reading about our first week of school. It would be great if you could reply to the post so that the class can hear about your thoughts! Our first week in grade 3 has been filled with new adventures. We are very excited to see what great adventures next week brings!

Ed Camp: A Teacher Pawn Shop

Looking at my teaching repertoire, I realize that all my best teaching ideas are stolen. I don’t really think there is 1 great thing I do that I didn’t get from someone else.  If this is so, then today’s Edcamp was a complete teacher pawn shop; a space where stolen ideas were being exchanged between […]

Adventure Awaits in Room 8…

Welcome to the Grade 3 classroom blog! I am very excited to begin this school year and I can’t wait to get started. This blog will be used for important information, classroom newsletters, and updates on our learning experiences. Along the side of the site, there are links to other important websites, a link to subscribe to the blog through email, as well as other useful tools. Please check in regularly to be up to date on what’s happening in Room 8. I am eager to take part in the fun-filled “adventure”  in grade 3!

Only Weeks Away

With only weeks to go before starting another school year, I can’t help but wonder how the students will return after each of their summer breaks. When I look back at my own summer, I know that I won’t say that I did nothing. I didn’t just sit around and be bored (it’s hard to […]

The Hunger Games: A Christian Perspective Part 2

If you have stumbled across this post, and you haven’t read Part 1, you can read that here. It might give you some context as to what I am talking about! In this post I am going to elaborate on what ideas and themes in the Hunger Games I “reject” from a Christian perspective. The first theme I […]

The Hunger Games: A Christian Perspective Part 1

I had already seen the movie… and HATED it. I remember leaving the movie theatre disappointed in the lack of character depth and over cheesiness of the film. That said, I still went to the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, and came out not hating it, but not loving it either. I am a […]

Favourite PLN tools/stratagies

Twitter, of course, and things like this MOOC. It’s hard, though, with people around like @courosa @mmesanders and @shareski to feel like you have anything to contribute. (Not that they’ve ever been anything but generous, of course!) Networks need to be multi-directional, and we all need to realize that we do have things to contribute. We (I) need to put … Continue reading →