Going Digital

Hello and Welcome! I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this… (if there is more than one person who reads this, I’ll assume you got lost). I’m starting this new journey to help express myself in a different digital format, other than my @MrALongstaff twitter. Other forms of digital media […]

Hello eduverse!

Welcome to my brand new ‘Middle Years Minds’ blog at Edublogs! I am a grade 6 teacher in Saskatchewan who is looking to do my best for my student colleagues.  I like tackling new challenges, pushing student’s limits, and making time enjoyable! I am a big fan of constructive criticism and live by the ‘TEAM’ […]

Another day at the dojo…

Every single time I am at karate class I reflect on the professional practice I see around me.  Granted, my job is to calm my mind and focus, but that continues to challenge me.  Many of the instructors who lead my karate class are teachers themselves, and it is clear given the nature of the … Continue reading

Professional Learning with a spin

#EdCampYQR: professional learning with a spin Back in August, Regina Public Schools saw the first ever EdCamp professional development opportunity. It was a new option for teachers in Regina Public at that time; the concept of professional development where the schedule was set the day of the event was disconcerting to many.  The event drew … Continue reading

The future in 10 years

I took part in a school design process about a month ago, and I have to say, my favourite part of the whole week was when the facilitator basically let us dream big and come up with our perfect school. Well today I have decided to dream big and write a post about what I […]

A ‘new’ reality for language learning

Photo Credit I’ve been taking a course through the University of Ottawa about teaching in a minority Francophone context.  It’s pretty interesting, mainly because I’ve spent such a long time teaching language courses during my time as a French Immersion High School teacher. I’ve spent a lot of time understanding why creating an authentic context … Continue reading


This post has been in the works for a while – and I had better get posting before the event is but a distant memory! Last year, when Alec Couros came to speak to the Technology Catalyst Teams at Sheldon Williams Collegiate, there were some very relevant conversations about how we know what great things … Continue reading