Get Out The China

In my home I have been working on being Present, it is actually my One Word this year.Last year I watched a Ted Talk on the power of play. Ted Talk-My Year of Saying Yes then I decided that when my child…

Chase the Right Bells

As a child, the sound of the ice cream man made an alarm in my head. My home was at a dead end, so the ice cream man never came down that far, making it only possible to get to the truck by sprinting down the street, up a great big hill, and running my…

short and (so very) sweet

I am so very pleased to announce that I have been accepted into an online Masters degree program in Early Childhood Education through the University of British Columbia! This is a part-time, cohort program, which means that for the next 2 and 1/2 years, I will be taking one or two classes at a time, […]

With or Without You: I Can Innovate

Though #IMMOOC season 4, sadly, is coming to an end, the challenge thrown out by this year’s authors, George Couros, Katie Martin, AJ Juliani, and John Spencer remain. We’ve delved into the books, discussed ideas through blogs and chats, and we’ve listened to the guests on the live events. The ball has been tossed into our courts, so what now?