February Fun!

 February was a whirl wind of a month! It was busy in the Grade 3 room with lots of new experiences and challenges. It was a month filled with -Fun Sock Friday’s-Swimming lessons-New technology experiences-Art projects-New virtues to focus on…

Why Teachers Never Take Sick Days

Teachers rarely take sick days. We’ve all heard the reasons: “It takes to long to plan for a sub.” “My students will get behind without me.” “It’s easier to just go in.” etc. They have been overheard saying heroic things such as “In 12 years, I have never taken a single sick day!” The laws […]

Re: Parental Concern: Facebook for Grade Two Students

As a parent myself, I understand many concern associated with the use of Facebook in second grade. Megan Johnson argued it well in her post : such as addictive behaviour associated with use of technology and social media, safety concern and child not being ready for the proper use of technology or not developed enough […]