Teaching With Creativity and For Creativity

Teaching demands creativity. Every act of teaching requires creative thinking. During planning stages, educators must continually seek creative ways to engage students, approach particular topics and address the varied needs of all learners. During the various stages of instruction and support, a willingness to constantly problem solve and adapt creatively is necessary. Without creative thinking, […]

Digital Citizenship and Sexuality/Health

As I continue to learn about digital citizenship, I am reflecting upon the relationship between Digital citizenship and sexuality/health. Because I have watched Sext-up Kids in the other class already, I decided to watch the Sextortion of Amanda Todd. I remember the news about Amanda Todd’s death and her YouTube video, it was reported as […]

Burning Out

“Introducing merit-based pay for extra hours and exceptional work, as well as allowing teachers more flexibility and creativity within the curriculum, and cutting back on work that is not teaching-related would do much to reduce teacher burnout, says Bradley.” Overwhelmed … Continue reading